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Discussion related to ratDVD DVD conversion software. All discussion related to the software welcome, including feature requests, improvement suggestions, questions etc. Note! This forum has been shut down. You can still read messages, but you can't post to this forum room.

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by Spat
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  What is the size of a rat file. 3 tdisom
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by Wakpa
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by NormaCom
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  avi trouble 2 bobtastic
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  Subtitles quality 1 Rafnunes
by Rafnunes
  making a movie for my pda with ratdvd 1 essaidan
by essaidan
  compression with shrink,and burn with dvd decrypter (closed) 3 sd90mac
by Nephilim
  Help: DVD player won't play some discs but standalone will... 1 kitana
by kitana
  very interesting observation 5 dnstommy
by dnstommy
  The owner SID on a per-user subscription doesn't exist (80040207) 1 czhower
by czhower
  RatDVD playback in MediaCenter 2005 1 alpab
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by Praktiker
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  DVD X Show or DVD Xtreme (closed) 2 rhodgson
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  2 ratDVDs on one dvd 1 danbhn
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