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The intention of this forum is to discuss about Nintendo Gamecube mods and backup issues. Note! This forum has been shut down. You can still read messages, but you can't post to this forum room.

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  TUTORIAL: How to play backups w/o mod chip, only Max Drive Pro Memcard (page: 1 2 3 ... last page ) 977 brucedlx
by bourque17
  Full Guide to Gamecube Backup/Booting (page: 1 2 3 ... last page ) 1043 Icemonkey
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  .: Top Website Links :. by Boki2002 22 boki2002
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  Zero tolerance for fanboy flame starters! (closed) 1 Nephilim
by Nephilim
  READ THIS -- Forum Rules (closed) 2 darthnip
by Maryela3
  gamecube controller is non-responsive 3 pepsimama19
by xboxdvl2
  Imgburn verifying error (gc iso burning) 6 Yoyoloto
by ps355528
  Backup playing but reading errors? 1 tellusis
by tellusis
  snes9x on sd card??? 1 tdmegaman
by tdmegaman
  gamecube controller macro? 3 mrreese00
by mrreese00
  use action replay cheats on sd media launcher games ?? 1 CX7
by CX7
  Getting textures from .ARC files? 1 ddrmaxman
by ddrmaxman
  Modding my GameCube 2 rdegraaff
by bilscrobe
  SD MEDIA LAUNCHER emulator,roms on SD card 1 MAR999
by MAR999
  Need help getting backups running =/ 2 SpoonyNub
by larrylje
  Dosbox For Gamecube ? 4 HollowFan
by ps355528
  ISO streaming using BBA and Windows 7 1 ArtemisTweed
by ArtemisTweed
  NTSC games on PAL GC 1 gandalf
by gandalf
  gamecube modding 2 fatbye101
by Menion
  SD Media Launcher trouble..not recognizing discs. 2 Krishna21
by Menion
  Anyway to backup ISO with PC drive? 3 A111
by bilscrobe
  Cutting Gamecube Lid 2 DTG
by shengoro
  Gamecube Games In 16:9 1 OArcadiaO
by OArcadiaO
  Super Nintendo 2 Davemc102
by xboxdvl2
  Question about mods 3 tech3475
by tech3475
  gamecube emulator 5 sydneyfc
by A111
  xeno ripped off, need wisdom, see the pictures 3 Hyoga
by Hyoga
  Best mod setup for SNES emu 4 simons81
by Menion
  How can I play NES roms without a mod chip? With a disc? 3 dtalont
by Menion
  Nintendo DS cannot read R4 2 emmskelv
by Menion
  GC Laser tweak, 147 ohms stock 3 slackdast
by Menion
  Gamecube backups loading and then I get error 3 charliepf
by Menion
  Gamecube Laser pot questions 1 Greyneon
by Greyneon
  gamecube backups burning 7mb problem 1 itsrocky
by itsrocky
  Soft-Mod Tutorial: How to play backups with only SD Media Launcher + Extra Info (page: 1 2 3 ... last page ) 369 Kenohki
by core2kid
  sd media launcher 1 whti777
by whti777
  Blotched Viper install need help 1 Menion
by Menion problems. 3 moz1995
by moz1995
  Gamcube Music Files 1 Darklink9
by Darklink9
  Need a GBA flash cart for theGameCube's Gameboy Player 2 Weela
by slackdast