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The intention of this forum is to discuss about Sony Playstation 2 chips and modding.

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  READ THIS -- Campaign against bad attitude (closed) 1 dRD
by dRD
  NO ADVERTISING MOD SERVICES! (closed) 1 Nephilim
by Nephilim
  READ THIS - Forum Rules (closed) 1 darthnip
by darthnip
  How to Plug my pendrive to the ps2! 2 noneedtoknowmyname
by rdn98
  Fat PS2 SCPH 39001 not reading PS1 backups when hotswapped?? 1 Zodeac
by Zodeac
  PS2 Slim (SCPH-70003) dead laser? 1 AndehX
by AndehX
  PS2 Memory Card slot 1 repair 6 scothic18
by xboxdvl2
  Ps2 slim hard disk issue. 4 fauzans
by megadunderhead
  Possible to play ps1 and 2 games with HDD? 4 Ashaya
by megadunderhead
  Usb hdd 2 Beakua
by smokyrain
  HELP! PS2 not starting up 3 Cybertec
by megadunderhead
  PS2 fat dead 2 altheo08
by suavegamer30
  ps2 controls freezes. 8 samass123
by scorpNZ
  Questions about tissues and tape 1 soggymoney21
by soggymoney21
  cheap modchip 2 censored
by censored
  Black screen upon startup PS2 1 suavegamer30
by suavegamer30
  PS2 HDD not showing on PC 4 Goldensungod
by helpamonfire
  How to conect a usb hdd with ps2 2 bahroz
by smokyrain
  Installing elf files 2 Xirix
by Kannz
  Ps2 Fat usb external hdd display issue 7 danish007
by bahroz
  Pls help determine chip type i got 6 crappybag
by smokyrain
  Modbo 4 with extra Z contact 3 bjme
by bjme
  how to access internal hdd through network cable 1 aboud1988
by aboud1988
  ans pls (closed) 2 hotstuffercrist
by ddp
  PS2 DUO 2 Mod chip - unable to play imported game 1 bodmcn
by bodmcn
  12c508a chip in a ps2? 1 Kannz
by Kannz
  How do I transfer files to my memory card? 3 Urbano35
by Kannz
  some one tell me how to boot a ps2 without a dvd-r/cd-r.and without a mc exlploit 1 aarish786
by aarish786
  How can i run games through a harddisk... 1 Nayan1
by Nayan1
  installing a mm3 ps1 chip? 4 Kannz
by Kannz
  unsoldering a modchip 3 theosiris2010
by deniel098
  Modbo 4 wont load discs 1 prnoct90
by prnoct90
  Black screen after Modbo Chip logo 1 kim_gulle
by kim_gulle
  Duo3 Ultra not functioning correctly 1 rawantagonist
by rawantagonist
  PS2 Silver Slim (closed) 2 axLc0re
by ddp
  Desoldering PS2 Slim anti-Static solder point 1 AnimeFreak
by AnimeFreak
  got someone to Install duo 3 ultra in a fat scph-39001 5 Kannz
by Kannz
  Help with FMCB 1 XCrossXI3
by XCrossXI3
  DMS4 Pro S.E. 1 Beakergoboom
by Beakergoboom
  Modbo 4.0 extra F 3 dpr1974
by dpr1974