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The intention of this forum is to discuss about Sony Playstation 2 disc booting/loading with or without a Flip Top.

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  New Boot Method for ps2. Any ideas? 1 Kevin1002hp
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  Pretty confused, softmodding 1 Marxd
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  emulators for ps2 2 donace
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  Play burned PS2 games with Gameshark memory card 2 Gamershark
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  4gb or more alwayz froze at a point while playing 1 donace
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  God of war 2 frozes at a point while playing with opl v0.7 (closed) 2 donace
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  ps2 v14 scph-75001 softmod question 2 cellsheet
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  i fall to downlload USB advance,please give me a link 3 aldoni
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