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This forum is meant to discuss about subtitle playback problems, subtitle conversion, adding subtitles to DVDs, etc. Asking where to download subtitle files is strictly prohibited!

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  need help two ways..translating or changing from text to .srt 19 kookie56
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  Sungale M/N:DVD 2030-5.1 2 lhjr1951
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  Where Are the Subtitles? (closed) 2 Carbos5
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  Argo Dvd movie 1 deezalboy
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  problem adding .srt files to WMV using AVIAddXSubsith 3 papaboy
by papaboy
  Synchronizing subtitles from 23,976 Input FPS to 25 18 stibi
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  Trying to rip the Star Wars Saga on Blu-Ray (closed) 5 SSB
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  Remove Subs from DVD 4 shankly
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  Help. MeGui Suddenly not encoding subs! 2 chibislane
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