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by Nephilim
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by dRD
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  720p possible on DVD player... but can't read MKV? 1 norendir
by norendir
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by Saharah
  losing 1080p from original file 3 kapo13
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by ddp
  dvd recorder 3 hiedibell
by BeBackYo
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by cyprusrom
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by brunes
  Can playing DVDs mess up your Xbox? 4 mtptl
by ddp
  HD video on DVD -R disc? 3 wlabs
by SylviEsme
  Help with playing HD DVD 16 solamax
by Sophocles
  Playing forced subs on media player..? 2 timo077
by JohnRocks
  mkv dts to ac3 9 muleface
by crazy_90
  Want to ask!.. 2 koolist
by ddp
  DVD with M2TS-files. XP cannot see them. Why? 8 hlk123
by davexnet
  Converting HD-DVD or Blu-Ray to .avi or .mkv on a Mac 7 skiitaly
by scrapesky
  Unable to stream WMV-HD Movie on XBox360 correctly 4 jimmybog
by hatetea58
  cannot play avchd dvd's on dvd player 4 bigcxjet
by hatetea58
  Toshiba HD A-30 won't play some copied discs 4 ramstervo
by hebelida
  HD cut/line problem 4 Doffy90
by logon523
  Using a .mkv file with Convertxtodvd question 4 XPerryX
by cyprusrom
  HD download to normal DVD 1 Enuf
by Enuf
  1280x720 MP4 DVD Player 3 mc1548
by mc1548
  hdmi switch box 1 cads
by cads
  Media Mixed Disc Probleeemmo! 1 Royalbloo
by Royalbloo
  Not many players like this! 4 janlafata
by davexnet
  3D Movies on my HD Plasma TV 4 CWBYUP
by Travveh
  hd dvd screensaver 2 shayne66
by ngoaita
  Help to Convert m2ts to format for standard DVD 6 sportytou
by jackwen
  best format to copy dvd to laptop to play on t.v. 1 geordie19
by geordie19
  Who can help novice please. (closed) 2 Spring010
by ddp
  question about HD & pr0n industry 2 F4ntastic
by HDNow
  m2ts to AVCHD or anything a samsung player can read? 3 AmandaSB
by SProdigy
  EAC3 1 murph99
by murph99
  Playing AVIs with Tvix HD M6500A 9 GAField
by mickas
  How to make my 720p or low mv's into full hd 1080p 6 1080p
by scorpNZ
  Older DVD works better! 5 janlafata
by janlafata