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The intention of this forum is to discuss about Sony Playstation 2 chips and modding.

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  Duo modchip /DVD drive problems 1 Skidboy
by Skidboy
  Installator in canada and soldering iron!!! 3 Xuivo
by datatrek
  mod chip reccomendation 1 edxgein
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  psx1 games 6 console
by Icemonkey
  Some PS1 backup bootup problem with Magic V 2 astroduck
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by Stomper10
  Laser Problems 1 Keechy
by Keechy
by Toiletman
  ps2 laser probs. 2 asif_d
by Toiletman
  pre modified ps2 console 2 powerman5
by Toiletman
  ps1 backups boot and not ps2 5 dmaxsteel
by dmaxsteel
  Wrong Screws? 6 jlin615
by SCMods
  [?] DUO2 installation on V4 PS2 3 keris
by keris
  Magic 3.1 V5 installation problems 3 Saniflow
by Saniflow
  matrix mxl2 3 devilhunt
by devilhunt
  Which modchip is the best for PS2 model 39001 (v7)? 6 vic99
by daPhoenix
  Best/cheapest laser 3 MortOrt
by Icemonkey
  Magic 3.1 screwed up my PS2 11 Kuronosu
by Kuronosu
  newly messiah chipped ps2 probs 2 asif_d
by daPhoenix 6 geekyguy
by daPhoenix
  Modding a PS2 V1 question? DMS3 v2.0 3 PS2-V1
by PS2-V1
  ps2 cd lense help 3 Xman2004
by Xman2004
  matrix infinity 4 bigsyl
by punx777
  HdLoader + Dvd9 1 WhipMastr
by WhipMastr
  Not quite sure? 1 goldpup
by goldpup
  UHoh, problem installing duo chip for v7 4 Brutalsun
by Brutalsun
  PS2 laser questions 8 vic99
by jlin615
  Magic V7, and V4R MAchines...... 10 Death666
by Death666
  Magic V mod chip 2 geekyguy
by daPhoenix
  insall this thing... 10 spydrtime
by daPhoenix
  Question on modchips...Thanks. 5 jay24k
by daPhoenix
  Can't Play PS2 Burned games Well 6 datatrek
by datatrek
  Expert mod help required. New Duo2 installed. No DVD boot 3 gamebabu
by jlin615
  Magic III V7, and V4R MAchines...... 1 Death666
by Death666
  Magic3 Modchip 2 [iD]EG6
by daPhoenix
  help 2 tjfelt
by daPhoenix
  New modchip 3 Tordek
by daPhoenix
  will this work? 2 tjfelt
by daPhoenix
  where 2 tjfelt
by daPhoenix
  will this work 4 tjfelt
by daPhoenix