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This forum is meant for questions and comments about DVD Shrink -- all other DVDR questions should be posted to our other DVDR forums instead.

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  STRANGE BACKUP (closed) 1 marwen1
by marwen1
  Avengers 13 alpsig
by JST1946
  DVD FAB 7 cassieb
by cassieb
  DVDs play on laptop AND decrypt but DON'T PLAY ON DVD PLAYER!! AAHHH!!!! 7 binladen
by binladen
  DVD Shrink Reauthoring problem 4 brucey31
by ps355528
  Multishrink, batch encoding with Dvdshrink. 15 h2207638
by h2207638
  same problem (closed) 3 krish1235333
by ddp
  The Dictator double chapters when it plays 5 free377
by free377
  Ripping Hunger Games DVD WITHOUT One Click 2 jaszmin1
by milly8
  I DON'T GET IT! Video will NOT play after Shrink Burn HELP! 7 binladen
by scorpNZ
  Getting subtitles on screen when re-authoring DVD 8 JackHarkness
by Chetwood
  DVD Shrink Not recognizing the DVD drive 11 Waseemn
by Chetwood
  dvd shrink wont open 4 ttenza
by ddp
  dvd shrink is putting vob files from a season into 1 4gb files 8 timy94
by Chetwood
  Dvd Fab 8 QT Wont Open 10 gtmustang69
by Mez
  Problems shrinking Sherlock Holmes 2 7 lee2008
by Mrguss
  Running time 5 hound64
by attar
  DTS confusion 7 eexob
by Chetwood
  Strange DTS behaviour (closed) 2 eexob
by ddp
  dvd shrink+iso file 22 merc1.9
by Chetwood
  DVD Shrink 3 saucepiqu
by ddp
  DVD copy does not want to play 8 KlaasVakie
by KlaasVakie
  DVD Shrink open error 5 HenryCan
by HenryCan
  Backing Up DVD Problem 4 EarthTribe
by pounder
  Burning a CD with copyright protection 6 kthien
by kthien
  DVD shrink mp4 quality 16 AbsOr
by Mez
  Reauthoring like with DVD Shrink 17 mancislan
by syxguns
  Problem backing up movies with DVd Shrink 6 mancislan
by Mez
  DVD Shrink 10 telzan
by telzan
  I just had a simple? 5 kmj523
by Mez
  dvd shrink is putting VOB eppisodes into 1 4gb file 1 timy94
by timy94
  Problem backing up Cars 2 19 jpaulino
by Dynochem
  Transformers 3 4 rabaha
by Gmurphy03
  opening toy story 3 with dvd shrink 4 biteyleper
by attar
  DVD Shrink & ImgBurn: Video_TS folder empty in ImgBurn (closed) 2 illusionary
by ddp
  Problems (closed) 2 RINGREY
by ddp
  Problems 2 RINGREY
by attar
  joining 2 dvd's together 4 marwen1
by Chetwood
  Out of memory 2 durkinjt
by scorpNZ
  DVD Shrink encountered error - Access is denied 4 schenckb
by Chetwood