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This is an unofficial support forum for DVD-Rebuilder. Only questions directly related to DVD-Rebuilder and how to use it are allowed here.

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  Hv Encoder 1 durkinjt
by durkinjt
  Computer crashed and now I have a "settings" issue I think. (Solved) 3 mschnebly
by creaky
  Instructions 2 headcase
by attar
  convert an old gateway laptop screen into a new monitor (closed) 2 fredwebster
by ddp
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by ddp
  DVD Fab @ 95% Should i use Rebuilder 11 killalot
by killalot
  Wont work on BD9 (closed) 2 durkinjt
by creaky
  Convert DTS to AC3 5.1 @ 192kbps (closed) 3 wubbaness
by creaky
  Windows 7 issues with DVD Rebuilder 7 garaxiel
by Deadrum33
  How long? 5 durkinjt
by ferguj1
  Subtitles (closed) 2 durkinjt
by ddp
  Subtitles 4 durkinjt
by cyprusrom
  subtitles are missing 4 semajjame
by dialysis1
  bad audio after using dvd rebuilder 8 startrek7
by startrek7
  been using RB/CCE forever but all at once I have a big time problem. 17 Mort81
by omegaman7
  Win 7 Problem (closed) 2 durkinjt
by creaky
  What to do with video files after Rebuilder is done. What to use for burning ? 5 lenapena
by BigDK
  Movie with 'angle detection'/Space for video: 16%?? 2 PCH_Dude
by spiesfan
  Error message "Runtime Error 6, Overflow" 1 durkinjt
by durkinjt
  DVD Rebuilder/CCE Conflicting with Nod32 4 Xplorer4
by ddp
  Any update on the freeware version? 4 PCH_Dude
by creaky
  Error collecting header extension 4 vtowner
by hacman99
  Error collecting header extension [00:28:23] 00068 00005 (closed) 2 hacman99
by creaky
  Rb rip problem (closed) 2 durkinjt
by creaky
  Can't get it right. (closed) 2 durkinjt
by creaky
  Using DVDRebuilder Pro HC 23 2 paschal93
by Sophocles
  Bd Rebuilder problem (closed) 2 durkinjt
by creaky
  Bd Rebuilder problem (closed) 2 durkinjt
by creaky
  Ripbot264 + Avisynth v2.5.8 4 medina06
by cards1
  Bleak House Disk 1... (closed) 2 martytheb
by creaky
  Keeping HD audio 1 scpete26
by scpete26
  Recently lost data on PC; when I run CCE basic.exe ( it asks for a Serial Number and license Key. Ideas ? 2 tjlmbklr1
by tjlmbklr
  dvd re and cce sp 2.5/2.6 fast options quality vs dvd shrink deep analyst 2 gus738
by syxguns
  dvd menu button highlight "marker" does not show 5 jay73
by attar
  how to move menu button highlight object? 3 jay73
by jay73
  The old 'Transcoder' kicked some major butt, but I need a second opinion... 20 PCH_Dude
by johnstra
  Mirror BD-R 25GB Media 3 bartbutt
by bartbutt
  Can't find a copy of CCE 3 warmbell
by warmbell
  Need help with TargetSectors 4 blackbat
by 8chaos
  Error (closed) 2 reenes
by ddp