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All topics related to PSP homebrew software should be posted here. No discussion how to downgrade or mod PSP allowed here.

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  READ SECOND (rules 1st) Ultimate sticky sticky (closed) 1 creaky
by creaky
  READ THIS FIRST: Forum rules (closed) 1 ddp
by ddp
  POPSLoader v3, 3.71 PRX, Digimon World 3 black screen 1 Ainkut
by Ainkut
  CWcheat not showing ps1 game cheats 1 TheOmegaFactor
by TheOmegaFactor
  UMDGEN Language 1 Xerxas
by Xerxas
  homebrews don't work 1 dbratulin
by dbratulin
  No Bugs Allowed 2 dbratulin
by Eisherz
  Problems Switching discs on multi disc PSX eboots 2 TheOmegaFactor
by megadunderhead
  PSP fat on 3.80 m33-5 error 80020148 1 ethybeefy
by ethybeefy
  PSP fat on 3.80 m33-5 1 ethybeefy
by ethybeefy
  There is no data problem (closed) 2 Sowa
by ddp
  VCS cheat device running slow; few codes are on 5 theslayor
by theslayor
  Gpsp-j error 1 Cyber_Hacks
by Cyber_Hacks
  ps1 emulator 1 pokemon2
by pokemon2
  Snes on PSP 1 raptcha
by raptcha
  GUIDE : How to use popsloader :) (page: 1 2 3 ... last page ) 505 acidy
by KittyLiew
  PicoDrive SegaCD error 3 ysprocks
by SuperTed
  AVI / Xvid media player 5 jimbowen
by ps355528
  psp mkv ppa3xx WORKS 1 Krisrocks2012
by Krisrocks2012
  Cwcheat question 4 basketboy
by theslayor
  psp newbie 17 elmobaby89
by Neptune55
  PSP ISO's and Emulators on PSP 4 Number11
by Eisherz
  PC not opening PSP Memory card 1 JWebster90
by JWebster90
  How to transfer psp locked game save to another psp ? 3 ps3duff99
by ps3duff99
  downgraded from 660 to 620 1 techker
by techker
  helping playing psone 1 shion69
by shion69
  cwcheat problem 2 TheycallmeSexy
by GTA_addict
  HELP: GTA Vice City Stories CWCheat not working! 1 GTA_addict
by GTA_addict
  HELP: can't get CWCheat to show up 1 andwan0
by andwan0
  help with god of war ghost of sparta 1 snake98
by snake98
  Popsloader and MGS problem 1 snake98
by snake98
  mkv on psp 2 XIX19
by DxxS
  Dragon Warrior VII, 6.20 Pro-B8. 5 friz898
by DWfan1997
  psx and epsxe for psp 4 brianna1
by Eisherz
  Control pc using psp? 1 daniel798
by daniel798
  DIDN'T WORK 1 Branava
by Branava
  Installing CWCheat problems 1 Suljin
by Suljin
  What is the quickest way to upgrade from....3.52 M33 to latest cutom firmware. 1 Scorpion78
by Scorpion78
  CW Cheat compatibility 1 akhang77
by akhang77
  CWCheats not working 5.00 M33-6 1 Lux777
by Lux777