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  Extended TV watching linked to higher risk of death 12 ZippyDSM
by dufas
  Vodafone sees strong iPhone launch day sales 1 leggit123
by leggit123
  Burglar caught thanks to Xbox Live (page: 1 2 ) 33 jony218
by ASmith123
  Google ready to settle with China over online books 2 atomicxl
by Gindart
  Nexus One Faces Same Problems as iPhone 1 KillerBug
by KillerBug
  New DS handheld will have HD resolution screen and motion sensor 24 khmernize
by unit057
  DSi XL to launch in Europe on March 5th 3 embo22000
by unit057
  WD intros WD TV Live HD Media Player 24 5fdpfan
by Sudhesh
  CES 2010: LG shows off wireless BD player with 250GB HDD 3 dragnandy
by ckwan
  Google Threaens to Pull Out of China 2 KillerBug
by attar
  EB Games will not stock PSP Go either, in Australia 14 ZippyDSM
by bmlshane
  Porn industry pushing MicroUSB? 5 cyprusrom
by KillerBug
  MOD Systems adds SD card playback support to new devices 9 Morreale
by ZippyDSM
  Windows 8 coming in 2012? (page: 1 2 3 4 ) 93 jony218
by Daniel_1
  Bono hopes movie industry can avoid fate of music industry (page: 1 2 ) 34 cyprusrom
by Over_kill
  Redbox sets one-day rental record 5 NINVIN21
by omegaman7
  Four members of pre-release piracy group face jail time, fines 16 5fdpfan
by revgord
  CES 2010: Nokia offers $1 million to developers in new challenge 2 beanos66
by ikari
  Microsoft now stagnant, says former executive 14 Josipher
by pmshah
  xbox360 ps3 (closed) 2 bta1
by ddp
  JVC introduces a hybrid Blu-Ray/DVD-9 disc 6 geekster
by phantom4
  CES 2010: LG shows off Intel Atom-powered phone 6 5fdpfan
by DXR88
  BluTV IPTV now available on Blu-ray player 1 error5
by error5
  'Google' (verb) is the word of the decade 2 Morreale
by attar
  Windows Mobile 7 hitting LG phones this year 8 KSib
by shaffaaf
  Microsoft appeals Word XML case, again 6 djeazyg
by llongtheD
  CES 2010: Plastic Logic launches powerful, expensive e-reader 5 biver
by borhan9
  Google raises offer for On2 1 borhan9
by borhan9
  Former OiNK admin made over $300,000 in donations 23 Pop_Smith
by ZippyDSM
  CES 2010: Sony shows off new BDP-S770 Blu-ray player 2 Josipher
by borhan9
  Amazon drops prices on Blu-ray players 1 av_verbal
by av_verbal
  CES 2010: K&S shows off $200 GSM PhoneWatch 6 Morreale
by scum101
  PS3 sales top 3.8 million worldwide for holidays, says Sony 16 manrod
by Oner
  Apple begins using Lala music service 3 Hrdrk20
by Hrdrk20
  Video Daily: Nexus One v. iPhone, comparison 2 Josipher
by ZippyDSM
  Mitsubishi shows off 155-inch OLED HDTV 8 slickwill
by zorb43
  isoHunt guilty of inducing copyright infringement 17 OmriSama
by gmontalc
  Move over Apple, Microsoft tablet coming tonight 8 xnonsuchx
by Mez
  Boxee set-top box coming soon 3 atomicxl
by emugamer
  Mobile Firefox coming within 'days' 8 i1der
by eljay