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All topics that relate to PS3, but don't involve modding or hacking of the console, should be posted to this forum room.

If your question is about modding or hacking of PS3, post your questions to this forum instead.

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  READ FIRST: Forum rules (closed) 1 ddp
by ddp
  Cronusmax-----A new product for xbox360,xbox one,ps3 console 5 Rucky13
by Cyprien
  E3 ODE Pro News --4K 4.55 demo video released 2 leslielee
by Suzeny
  PlayStation 3 - The Complete History 1 marcusita
by marcusita
  System Storage cannot be accessed. PS3 SLIM 1 kijji
by kijji
  Streaming Video 3 davecabez
by mellio
  ps3 1 alexis3
by alexis3
  Need info about PS3 and blinking red lights. 1 Xenokai
by Xenokai
  cobra ode update 1 leslielee
by leslielee
  find my pppoe for my xfinity. 3 tjschotz1
by tjschotz1
  Tried searching to no avail...... 3 ozzieb69
by xboxdvl2
  Cobra ODE News - PCB revision 1 Lost_Temple
by Lost_Temple
  PS3 failure, have yet to find a similar case. 1 N0N4ME
by N0N4ME
  trophies making a weird noise 1 ganni666
by ganni666
  PS3 not spinning discs 8 bkgit
by rampipe
  No HDMI output 7 neilcolt
by neilcolt
  have a question about PS3 games 9 cooltwou
by Cyprien
  Test Console 2 DCKo
by marcusita
  Cobra ode 1.1 easy to use? 5 docrun
by loveqin2013
  ps3 game info 4 ganni666
by docrun
  ps3 update 4.45 issue 7 ganni666
by Cyprien
  PS3 has a problem pleas help 1 cocoduck
by cocoduck
  Cobra ODE is coming out soon?! 3 so7osss
by Cyprien
  PS3 turns off after a few minutes of play on Resistance 2 and COD: MW2 1 evil_ian1
by evil_ian1
  PS3 Phat startup problems 4 Mickoz74
by Eisherz
  NAT 1, Not yet!! 1 orca44
by orca44
  PS3 Freezes 1 bar_none
by bar_none
  ps3 headset problems 1 goosebumps
by goosebumps
  ps3 headset problems (closed) 3 goosebumps
by ddp
  PS3 Start up/HDD problem 3 TimeStamp12
by TimeStamp12
  PS3 console, common issues 3 censored
by xboxdvl2
  I forgot my security code for Nokia 6300 (closed) 3 chamara
by ddp
  PS3 SLIM NO VIDEO no sound but lights up 4 zpaitsel
by Eisherz
  Good PS3 Platform Games (2 player) 2 sanecrazy
by evnflow03
  hdmi setup, some games look more fluent ,better, play at 720 instead of 1080? 5 tjschotz1
by tjschotz1
  Problems with tsMuxeR/ps3 2 wm11
by wm11
  PS3 Playstation Store "an error has occured" 1 zeneleven
by zeneleven
  HDMI detected but no output 1 theBunk
by theBunk
  ps3 will not play games 1 DPM
by DPM
  PS3 curupt files 1 gicser
by gicser