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From this forum you can read all the latest developments that relate directly to our discussion forums. You can't post new threads here, as the forum is read-only, BUT you can reply to open topics.

Subject Messages Started by Latest post
  Request for all regular users of our forums (closed) (page: 1 2 3 ... last page ) 201 dRD
by brobear
  Private Messaging Misuse (closed) 24 loaded
by dRD
  User profile section closed 1 Ketola
by Ketola
  Problems with posting using huge messages resolved 1 dRD
by dRD
  Javascript libraries updated - please report problems here (page: 1 2 3 ) 54 Ketola
by ps355528
  Issues with character encodings fixed 3 Ketola
by xboxdvl2
  New members can no longer post links (page: 1 2 ) 34 Ketola
by stephen29
  First glimpse of upcoming AfterDawn layout / "v4" 25 dRD
by Tracywa
  Changes to the way images are displayed at forum threads 6 Ketola
by dub12dave
  Spanish AfterDawn project needs YOU! (closed) (page: 1 2 ) 40 dRD
by dRD
  AfterDawn redesign - public alpha (closed) 16 dRD
by dRD
  New forum room opened for external media players 1 dRD
by dRD
  Experimental change to forums' URL structure 13 dRD
by Selvaswer
  Minor update to forums: "Link to this message" quick link added 13 dRD
by maomao001
  Some performance improvements made to forum code 17 dRD
by patwin
  Over one million posts... (closed) (page: 1 2 3 ... last page ) 128 dRD
by dRD
  Thanks For Everything aldaco12 7 vurbal
by psplvanub
  Small changes to the forum engine 8 dRD
  Forums now show a "Processing message" dialog after posting (page: 1 2 3 ) 55 Ketola
by tripplite
  Something weird from "AfterDawn Labs" ... tell us what do you think 22 dRD
  Do you speak SWEDISH? Help us! (closed) 1 dRD
by dRD Newsletter updated 25 Ketola
by Ripper
  Over 600,000 forum posts (closed) (page: 1 2 ) 36 dRD
by dRD servers upgraded, timezones implemented (page: 1 2 ) 50 Ketola
by qazwiz
  Looking for native Spanish, German, Swedish and French speakers (page: 1 2 3 ) 65 dRD
by xhardc0re
  New site feature: Hardware section 10 dRD
by walt2659
  Preview functionality added (page: 1 2 ) 47 dRD
by ddp
  UBB parsing fixed / improved 2 Ketola
by Ripper
  Three new console forum rooms opened (page: 1 2 ) 40 dRD
by mgkilla34
  Minor improvements 20 dRD
by andersg
  Couple of improvements to BBML/UBB parsing (page: 1 2 ) 37 dRD
by Bubba1982
  About "green links" (page: 1 2 ) 36 dRD
by Dunker
  Improvements to the message editor 21 dRD
by Ripper
  Minor improvement to "my" -- personal links via RSS 8 dRD
by BlkMagic1
  Major forum backend changes launched today 15 dRD
by hursty
  New group launched (closed) 3 dRD
by Jannejt
  Forum search temporarily disabled (page: 1 2 3 ) 63 dRD
by LexZ
  Minor change to "List of all updated threads" 10 dRD
by Jamaal10
  Couple of small improvements to forum engine 12 dRD
by rav009
  Member promotion mechanism is under construction (closed) (page: 1 2 3 ) 54 dRD
by dRD