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All topics related to PSP homebrew software should be posted here. No discussion how to downgrade or mod PSP allowed here.

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by MegamanXE
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  question (closed) 3 xxwolfxx
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  Silent hill orgins save issue understand this is few years off 2 flustered
by flustered
  Help with PSP Installer v3.11 3 c_corbett
by c_corbett
  Monster hunter unite 2 lildart
by xxwolfxx
  PSP 3001 3 Hydroice
by Hydroice
  Help on running RosettaShard(Homebrew) on 5.50 GEN-D2 1 11gernez
by 11gernez
  How do I permanently disable driver signing so that remotejoy lite will run? 1 angeteen
by angeteen
  Different error messages on popsloader 2 Pudgies
by Pudgies
  Recovery mode 8 Zincha
by peluynati
  please help with psp version 6.10 8 derek116
by derek116
  PSPLINK on 550-GEN-D3 finally Works 1 Cybertick
by Cybertick
  Dante's Inferno 5.50 gen-d (full) work? 4 janega
by janega
  Seplugins Issue with N64 Emulator (5.00m33-6) 1 APC87
by APC87
  psp update 18 spike24
by Darknytes
  Plz i need help with psp 1000 2 govpav
by peluynati
  3.90 m33-3 2 barmby123
by peluynati
  What's the best (M3 type card I should get for my DS? 2 jac55
by peluynati
  PSP ISO help! 5 davidm96
by peluynati
  psp 1001 fat hacking help 2 ricky0134
by peluynati
  Trouble installing homebrew applications on CFW 5.00 M33-6 8 Starrift
by Starrift
  PS1 Games in Full Screen on a PSP 1000 with 5.00 M33-6 1 banald
by banald
by TuBit
  Some problems with remotejoylite 0.19 1 Rookoo
by Rookoo
  I can't play iso files on my hacked psp 12 jac55
by josh041
  CFE 3.70 screwed up GEN-C. Help? 2 Blazing_
by Darknytes
  Help please - Upgrading my PSP 6 vinceau_
by Darknytes
  mame emulator 5 mancguy28
by Darknytes
  Metal Gear solid PSX psp 5 iwinhaha
by Darknytes
  Monster hunter freedom unite saved file 1 lildart
by lildart
  3.52m33-4 wont load iso from mem stck 2 cbass8oz
by cbass8oz
  some Iso game are not visible in PSP 4 lancelau
by Bigjake52