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The intention of this forum is to discuss about PS2 modding, backupping PS2 games, etc. For PS2 chat about games, cheats, game reviews, etc, visit this forum instead. As usual, no piracy allowed.

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by creaky
  READ THIS: Campaign against bad attitude (closed) 1 dRD
by dRD
  NO ADVERTISING MOD SERVICES! (closed) 1 Nephilim
by Nephilim
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by Oner
  Where to get your PS2 modchips (closed) 1 dRD
by dRD
  READ THIS AS WELL: Some guidelines and FAQs (closed) 1 dRD
by dRD
  READ THIS: Forum rules! (closed) 1 dRD
by dRD
  component cables or RGB scart 2 ganni666
by scorpNZ
  PS2 Hard Drive Loader 1 Daak
by Daak
  PS 2 Slim - WANNA USE USB 1 bigmoneyking
by bigmoneyking
  PS2 AR Max Hardware problem 4 Kaizeru
by Goldensungod
  ps2 official hdd installed not found. 6 spyrek
by megadunderhead
  Help with PS2 rips using multiman 2 Ortheu812
by marcusita
  Urgent Help Needed concerning PS2 memory card! 3 LadyLynx
by Riax
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by Rohit997
  USB extreme game loader 2 luvntrst88
by ddp
  looking for a advanced ps2 controller 1 sprsthrn
by sprsthrn
  Nokia unlock 1 vsmoorthi
by vsmoorthi
  Need help modding PS2 in Delhi 1 Ray0007
by Ray0007
  PS2 Component Cable issues 2 lockinload2
by lockinload2
  HDD for PS2 4 embl3m
by HyeVltg3
  Ratchet And Clank 3 Freeze Issue On First Mission Fixed (closed) 2 cgreen99
by ddp
  Samsung Galaxy Note 1 iam3602
by iam3602
  ps2 modification 2 red_reighnvane
by scorpNZ
  ps2 Armored Core Nexus 2 acplayer2010
by xboxdvl2
  HD Advance 1.0 -3.0 2 RollenAround
by megadunderhead
  Original PS2 only reading some disks. 2 lyokoboy0
by megadunderhead
  missing volume for zipped file 1 ServerKing
by ServerKing
  GOW2 HD LOADER load problem 1 Karanjit
by Karanjit
  metal gear solid 2 substance copying problems 1 gamer1997
by gamer1997
  Would like to open bin/wad files found from a game 1 Spongchao
by Spongchao
  PS2 Slim Laser Issue 5 ngengerous
by suavegamer30
  There is no data error 1 timon198
by timon198
  Trying to figure out a project. 2 Darkmoonoftheclouds
by supercopy
  God of war 2 froze up in a point when playing with opl v0.7 7 donace
by supercopy
  firefox needs a plugin todisplay this content 1 jenko
by jenko
  Insignia cd players question 5 benbernie
by benbernie
  ps2 fat model disk read error 9 vb2kicker
by vb2kicker
  Game shark 2 v1.3 PS2 1 CMONEY511
by CMONEY511
  Some general questions about PS2 4 algloom
by supercopy