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  Google Currents shuts down in favor of Google Play Newsstand 1 hearme0
by hearme0
  Microsoft unveils Xbox One Media Remote 1 voyager
by voyager
  Sony has sold 5.3 million PlayStation 4 consoles 7 Tazer247
by Jemborg
  Company behind 'BioShock' series to shut down, re-emerge smaller and more focused 13 nintenut
by Jemborg
  Finnish police probe Wikipedia's donation requests 8 maitland
by blaster4
  Facebook has purchased massive messaging app WhatsApp for $19 billion 1 rocky38
by rocky38
  Samsung Galaxy S5 to have larger screen, fingerprint sensor 7 stuntman_
by Bozobub
  Apple considered purchasing luxury electric car maker Tesla 5 KillerBug
by Mrguss
  Foxconn to begin manufacturing TVs in U.S. soon? 4 ronhondo
by Mrguss
  Court: Raid on Dotcom mansion was legal, removing hard drives was not 1 Mrguss
by Mrguss
  California may mandate 'Kill Switch' on smartphones, tablets from 2015 (page: 1 2 ) 44 GryphB
by senator29
  Former Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside headed to Dropbox 11 Mr-Movies
by Mr-Movies
  'Rock Band' creator unveils first person shooter based on music 2 gnovak1
by DarthMopar
  Report: Dropbox unblocked in China 1 mrkfour
by mrkfour
  Patent troll gets 3.2 cents per Cisco router after lawsuits against end users fail 9 KillerBug
by Jemborg
  Apple opens first retail store in Brazil 1 KillerBug
by KillerBug
  'Flappy Bird' developer: The game was too addictive, is now 'gone forever' 6 doowop72
by BobShaft
  Microsoft: Over 200 million Windows 8 licenses sold 14 xnonsuchx
by BobShaft
  Spotify preparing for IPO next year 1 seths
by seths
  Foxconn working with Google on robots 10 omegaman7
by Jemborg
  Report: BlackBerry building 64-bit octocore smartphone 5 stuntman_
by kutulu1
  Games for Windows' Jason Holtman leaves Microsoft after just six months 6 hearme0
by 8686
  Sony promises 100 PlayStation 4 games for 2014 12 Mysttic
by TrinUK
  Russia bans Bitcoins 5 dEwMe
by omendata
  Xbox line tops U.S. games sales for January 12 Menion
by bhetrick
  Report: Microsoft Office for iPad coming soon 2 molsen
by Interestx
  Kickstarter has been hacked 1 xtago
by xtago
  Xbox Studios developing series based on rapper Nas 9 Jemborg
by Jemborg
  Comcast to buy Time Warner Cable in massive $45 billion deal 16 Bozobub
by xboxdvl2
  'Dallas Buyers Club' DVD screener downloaders beware: lawsuits are in the works 12 SoTired
by sternrulez
  Gartner: Smartphones finally outsell feature phones on annual basis 1 hearme0
by hearme0
  Google, VMware team up to bring Windows to Chromebooks 2 vendarite
by sternrulez
  Rakuten acquires VoIP, messaging company Viber for $900 million 1 hearme0
by hearme0
  Data shows off interesting torrent stats 1 iKronic
by iKronic
  Following massive success of game, 'Flappy Bird' developer calls it quits on the game 6 bobiroc
by dEwMe
  Highly anticipated 'Watch Dogs' delayed again, for Wii U 2 Jemborg
by xnonsuchx
  Mozilla to sell ads on the homepage of Firefox browser 22 GryphB
by 2oldGeek
  Analyst: Microsoft to make nearly $2 billion next year from Android licensing deals 1 nonoitall
by nonoitall
  As promised, developer removes 'Flappy Bird' from app stores 16 CNDLG
by deucezulu22
  'House of Cards' gets third season from Netflix following Golden Globe, Emmy win 2 laserbiz
by Jemborg