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energy efficient blu-ray HTPC (XBMC)

Hi all,

Im wanting to build a new HTPC. But i want to build it as energy efficient as possible and having little experience, worried i will end up building a system which is low energy, but dosent do what i need it to do.

I have been looking at the Atom and Fusion processors and boards, but im open to suggestions.

I am assuming a motherboard with onboard graphics is the way to go, but again im not sure and dont now where to start to look.

i also really dont understand what type of power supply would be best. some processors are only 65w, but i dont know how much power a blu-ray drive and hard drive would also pull

basically i dont need any PVR functions.

I need it to output Blu-ray and MKV in 1080p and 5.1 HD master surround sound to AV reciever.

I need to be able to use BBCI player and ITV player etc.

I have a netflix account, but thinking of cancelling this so this isent essential

and im thinking of using XBMC
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