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help needed with playing divx on surround system

I was hoping someone could give some advice. I bought a 5.1 surround system and connected my external hard drive to watch my dvd rips i made but not all of them play through the surround speakers only some of them. All the original dvds say they are in 5.1 sound and when i play the originals in the system they have surround but once i rip them on my pc and play through my hard drive the surround is gone. I am using dvd fab to rip the dvds making sure 5.1 is selected then i run through auto gk to convert to avi and auto gk shows the films are in 6.1 sound so i can't understand why they are coming out without the surround sound. I have ripped about 20 dvds and about half have worked and the other half are missing the surround sound. If anyone can give any advice it would be very much appreciated as this is driving me insane, thanks.
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