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Hello, I just purchased a Panasonic P55ST50 Plasma TV and Klipsch SB 3 Sound bar. After spending a good chunk of change for these two items I would like to setup all my devices correctly. The TV has 3hdmi inputs and an Optical. The sound bar only has RCA cable outputs and an Optical (NO HDMI). I also have a HDMI cable box and PS3 to connect. Would someone please be able to tell me if connecting the PS3 and Cable box to the TV via HDMI and then the Sound bar to the TV via Optical is the best way to connect this? I'm confused because the cable box and PS3 also have optical as well.

Thank you so much
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i have a panasonic tv and used the spdif output from tv to my yamaha soundbar,anything viewed on tv goes directly to soundbar.
use your boxes on the hdmi 1,2 and 3 inputs
seeing as you got a good setup are you using good quality cables and surge protection.
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