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Olevia 37 powering off for no reason

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I have had my 37" Olevia for 2.4 years and it has been great, zero issues.

About a week ago while watching, the tv "cut out". I thought it was my DTV receiver, but while watching local broadcast, it did the same thing.

Sometimes it just blinks, without turning off, kinda like a power interruption.

Now, it shuts off and it seems to be something with the power. We did have a power outage 2 weeks ago and I am not sure if this could have done anything but right now, I used the switch on the back, shut down all power, and unpluged the tv to let it set for 3-4 hours to see if this helps.

Anyone have a similar issue?
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Here is an update for anyone wanting to help me save $600 from buying a new tv.

After a power outage due to a tree taking out a power line, and a separate power outage 1 weeks after the first in which the power blinked on/off about 10 times in a matter of 8 mintues, this Olevia LCD screen goes blank for no reason, but the power appears to be on.

The tv has been used sparingly over its life (2 years) and it seems the problem is getting worse. This morning after having the tv off all night, I powered it up this morning, it ran 15 minutes, then the screen went off, but the power button was still on. I turned it off for 1 minute, then turned it back on and it ran 22 minutes before the screen went blank.

Is this the tv, the outlet, or what?

I have read alot of this same thing online and most mention capacitors and main boards are the culprit.
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