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panasonic viera, cannot connect pc (vga-hdmi windows xp)

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Hi, please help me, i recently bought a panasonic tx-p50s30b, i know its not the newest model, but never the less should support vga-hdmi converter,im trying to connect my desktop pc, (windows xp) to my plasma but nothing happens, I wish i looked into changing my graphics card with hdmi port, instead i have possibly wasted around 80 for the converter and hdmi lead, so would be nice to try and get this working before i explore other avenues. I hope someone can help, maybe there is a setting on the pc that needs to be changed? :-(
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quite possible you have to go into settings for pc on tv and setup from there,and when done you would then scroll down hdmi 1,2 3,scart- pc and select from there to view.for every outside source maybe up to 6 can be assigned per port.
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