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Weird smell after replacing HDTV this normal?

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I just replaced the lamp in my JVC HDTV. The full model number is HD-61Z786PA. The lamp that came with the tv was an HS110AR10-51. The rep who replaced my lamp said they don't use those anymore and they were replaced with the TS-CL110UAA lamps, so that was what I received. I installed the new lamp and made sure it was seated properly. I performed the lamp reset and turned the tv on. No picture issues or anything of the sort, just the weird smell. I guess it could be from the lamp heating up for the first time. I just want to make sure this is normal, since I've never replaced a lamp before. If anybody can help, I'd appreciate any info. Thanks!
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Depends on the smell.. without actually being there and smelling it there is no way to tell if it's suspect or not. Smell is one of the bits of test equipment used by electronics engineers.

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