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Do some commercials truly have a louder volume level?

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I always thought that commercials that seemed to be louder really were not. I thought it was because of the way the audio was being compressed, it appeared louder to the human ear. Is this the case?
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yes. i know here in canada & possibly the states there is now a law regulating the sound volume of commercials to same level as regular programs you are watching. came in effect in canada i think within the past month or even new years day.
With that practice cause the volume to read higher on a decibel reading device?

I was having this conversation with someone the other day and they claimed would register higher on a decibel reading device. I kind of think they were making a last-ditch effort to prove themselves correct.

It made me curious anyway.
louder does mean higher decibels.
That's what I was thinking. The person I was "discussing" this with will sometimes resort to any type of shenanigans to make himself seem correct. Although most of the information comes from a thirty second Google search from his smart phone.
if you use an electronic equilizer you will see the bars move slightly higher during commercials so yes they are played louder.also some ads are made to specifically annoy customers so they will remember the ad and the brand.
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