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newbie , help with dream 500c multimedia box

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hi all just bought my dream multimedia dm 500-c box ,and woundering who i programe the box any help/ advise or links to what i need to do , would be really greatfull ,
firsty do i use a cable, if so which one do i need
how do i programe the box, for a new update
which software do i use to update it,
unless someone can help via pm ,unless these boxes are outdated and carnt be updated to work , as im unsure, when i switch the box on states server can not be found ,so assume i need a update if possible , ps its a cable
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where do you live,are you aware of the nagra 3 situation.if your in ireland your box will not work at this present time(and may never work)if your in the uk its most likely nagra 3 will be in use in your area in the coming months(it may even be in use in your area now,as you dont say where you live). you will need a computer with windows xp(better if you can get an old desktop, as they have an rs232 connection at the back and it will mean you will only need one cable a null modem cable)if you have a laptop it most likely wont have an rs232 socket so you will need a second cable called a usb to serial adaptor. the adaptor just joins to the null modem cable, you connect the null modem end to the rear of the dreambox and the usb end in to a usb port on your computer(the adaptor should come with a disk, it contains a bit of software called a driver which helps the computer talk to the dreambox, put the disc into your computer and install the software)if it came without a disc you will need to go online and download a suitable driver. you will need to download a loader called dream up and the most recent image you can get for your dm500c(you can get both by clicking on the link in my signature area and choose dreambox) a loader is a bit of software that puts the channel decoding software in to your box(via the null modem cable mentioned above)an image is the bit of software that decodes the channels. this will help you get started if you want more instructions let me know(but as i said above if your in ireland you will get little use from the dreambox).

wow i understand what u mean and yes i have a 9pin serial on my laptop runing xp windows (so thats a start and im based in the u.k as well )so i need a 9pin serial from my laptop to the rear of the box ive also looked and it has currantly narga3 on the box , as im sure it only needs a update for the box to decode the channels to work , are ur files updated or do i need to search or something , what a great help , as im not really techical ,or computer minded
first do i need the box powerd up when contecting the lead or dose the serial socket send/recive the data , as ill keep u updated as u seem to have decent knolage on these boxes
connect the dm500c and the computer via the null modem cable(leave the dm500 plugged out)on your computer go to where you have dream up saved and open it and click on connect. you will see a white box ,this will say things like (connected to dreambox now plug in the box)so now you plug in the box and the computer and dm500 should be talking(to tell if they are talking look in the white box )now click on flash and you will be prompted to look for the image that you downloaded(so you use dreamup to find the image,when you find the image click on it and dreamup will return you to where you were before you clicked on flash). you are now ready to flash the box(put the image in to the box)where it says flash an other option will appear click on this and you will be asked if you want to erase previous flash,you say no. your box should now be in the process of being flashed(you will see more messages appear in the white box and the progress bar above the white box will start to fill up) this can take as long as 15 minutes so be patient and have a cuppa. all being well now after the 15 minutes your box is flashed and the white box should tell you this and that flashing is complete(do not take out the null modem cable from the box untill you see that message) click on disconnect and take the null modem cable off your box and now go and connect the dream box to your tv. i dont know if you went through the installation process already(setting your box to display on the tv) if not its simple, connect the box to the tv via scart and connect the cable tv input wire to the dreambox and plug in the box to power up. now you will be prompted to choose things like language(english) the time settings for your clock and then to do a scan for channels on your local cable tv provider(you will see an option to choose your provider which will be virgin/ntl etc then scan for channels) now when the scan is over and the channels have been found you need to do one more thing, you need to reboot the dm500c to switch on the emu(this is what opens the channels) so to do this press menu on the remote and go to where it says shutdown and press ok on the remote(the box may come back on by itself,but if not just switch it on via the button on the front of the box) you should now have the box comming back on and on screen you will see something like( starting evocamd) now go to either sky sports 1 os sky one and all being well the channels should open. if the channels dont open and you see a message on screen like updating and a percentage figure that goes up to 100% and starts again this means you flashed with an older image and it wont work so you need to go back to where you downloaded the image in my signature area and get a newer one and go through the above again. but i hope you get it to work first time. i hope this helps you.

bloody hell lol sounds confuseing (easy for techical for me ,) well nothing to lose ill give it a bash , only bit im confused , seems like u use 2 cables? as i call a 9pin serial lead (or is this called a null lead, sorry to sound a bit dull , as im not no computer wizard , ive selected file but im unsure which i need to use as theres a few differnert boxs to opern ,(might have been better sending the box off lol,
im with ya well tryed sending each file ,as i was unsure which to use tbh ive all the channels just no picture at mo ,,
there should be some free to air channels like bbc that should work regardless of what image you have used, check that you have the cable tv cable attached to the box if you have it attached and still have no free to air channels try putting the cable directly in to the tv and try to tune in at least one channel(this is a test to see if your cable tv connection is live)if it is you should be getting free to air channels via the dm500c.if you have free to air channels on the dm500 but none of the other channels like sky press menu on your box go down to shutdown and press ok and the box will now shutdown then press the standby button on the front of the box and switch it back on(this is called a reboot)on the screen you should see something like starting evocamd.

well i give up , tryed sending differnert software , i.e one file at a time and rest the box etc, i can select any channel , but theres no picture just blank like no signal ,so i pluged the std digi box in works fine , woundering if im either useing the wrong code or wrong files,,think im close lol
so you used dreamup and put an image in to the box, you can see the channel names on screen but you have no picture or signal. ok when you did a scan for channels did you scan on the correct provider(if your provider is ntl set the box for ntl and do a scan)if you scan on the wrong provider you wont get a picture. press menu,press setup and do an auto scan(having first set your correct provider)you should then atleast have some free to air channels on your dreambox. then after the scan is done and you have a few free channels go back to menu and press shutdown(your box will then switch off)switch it back on via the standby button on the front of the box now go to sky one or sky sports and the picture should open. you said the other box works so you have a signal and you can see channel names so try the above and let me know how you get on. if you dont get it to work you need to tell me exactly what you have done what menu you can see on screen at what provider you have and what you see on screen when you scan for provider.

more techical stuff , right ill have to go to explain , i selected dreambox in sent ecach file to desktop , i didnt send any firmware , only the file one at a time ,after this and reseting the box i get
i power the box on says starting evocard /then scren says digital worldz version 2.0 i then select sky1 etc channel selects bit there all mixed up , then says no signal ?wheather its on free channels or unlocked channels, other then this im unsure tbh ,
well as i said regardless of what image you will have a few free channels such as bbc(when you said the std digibox did you mean a sky digibox as that is for satellite)the dm500c is for cable tv not satellite(that might explain why you have no signal as dm500c cant recognize a satellite signal only a cable tv signal)can you check that the front of the box says dm500-c and can you confirm what the other box is. sorry mate im just trying to cover the obvious and eliminate things.

Originally posted by piopat:
well as i said regardless of what image you will have a few free channels such as bbc(when you said the std digibox did you mean a sky digibox as that is for satellite)the dm500c is for cable tv not satellite(that might explain why you have no signal as dm500c cant recognize a satellite signal only a cable tv signal)can you check that the front of the box says dm500-c and can you confirm what the other box is. sorry mate im just trying to cover the obvious and eliminate things.
im defo.. on on digital /free veiw and the box is a dream media 500-c box i get free veiw channels on the std box , but soon as i plug the 500c box in revern thow all the channels are mixed i dont get any free ones showing , im starting to think the box maybe knackerd or faulty ,tbh
ok from what you just said your on (ondigital)this is now called freeview as far as i know. it works via an aerial (in the same way as you got bbc etc for years)except the aerial connects to an ondigital/freeview box this gives you your bbc,itv,ch4 channels etc. (you will only get these channels that way after the digital switchover which is going on now and up to 2012)your dm500c will be of no use to you for ondigital as it cant understand the ondigital signal. if the box is new and you have a receipt take it back to where you got it and ask them to change it or get a refund, a dm500t might work as that is designed to work with an aerial. when buying any box all boxes will be called a c or s, like dm500s =a satellite box and needs a dish, dm500c = a cable box and needs a cable tv connection(virgin/ntl etc), and dm500t=terrestrial it works by being connected to an aerial. it seems you did everything correct so very well done a lot of people find these boxes very hard (but sorry you bought the wrong box)you need to enquire around about the correct box that will work on the ondigital/freeview platform and ask if it will give you the channels you need. or exchange your dm500c for a dm500s and get a satellite dish fitted to view the free to air channels on the sky satellite(but you will have to put a satellite image on the dm500s)you only have to follow the same instructions as before(as you did very well)but the image will need to be for satellite and not cable.

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