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Choppy video with handbrake from DVD iso

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I've been ripping my home movie DVDs to iso then using handbrake to rip to mkv h264 codec.

The video plays fine on my computer but any movement is jerky/choppy on my Samsung LED/LCD 55inch 5 series TV. I've tried using the handbrake default framerate and also 25fps (as the DVD video is in PAL).

Could it be something to do with de-interlacing?

Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?

Intel P4 3.0 GHz HT | 1024Mb RAM | SONY 8xDLDVD+-RW (flashed) | 2x Maxtor80GbPATA HDD | Nvidia Geofoce 5600XT 256Mb
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Post at the Videohelp site.
If you post short sections of the source DVD and the output it would help.
You can insert video within your post.
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