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Converting DvD's into a Digital Home Library

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ok, i don't want to sound a total noob, but unfortunately i am.

i was going over a thread by banzaijoe - my question is: can i rip all my dvd's to create a digital library, that can be viewed or integrated into a home theater system?

i don't want any "cribs" type of deal. but i have a ton of dvd's and don't have much room for them anymore, but would love to keep them, and hopefully watch them remotely, i.e. bedroom, tv room...

please help

that guy right there
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Yes, rip them to your hard drive and then convert them to AVI/xvid using AutoGK , or to an mp4/mkv(H.264) using HandBarke. Then buy something like this:

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Originally posted by ThatFella:
i have a ton of dvd's

How many DVD's we talk'n about?

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