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I have this program found what claim to make svcd.

But this program does not work.
All my svcd are mess up total .
bad interface and it install malicious programs on the computer what has nothing to do with ripping dvd ,my virus scanner report some infected components with trojans.
Bytheway it shows irritating banners in the program and it shows popups on the screen.
So i suppose this is also spyware .
I delete it from my harddisk.
I dont recommend this spyware junk.
Freeware ? no it is spyware .

this is from the website

'You will find this software to be the single most advanced software to Encode your DVD, DVB, VOB, MPEG or AVI into DVD, SVCD or VCD. All done with a couple of clicks with the mouse. Perfect for both the beginner and advanced user. Welcome to the digital world!'

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