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DVD ripping-how to play original segments?

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Hi guys,

first post here:

Recently I ripped a DVD. I know nothing about the stuff so bear with me:

I have various VTS files, IFO file, BUP, whatever.

I used DVD Decrypter. I had tried the File mode, which means I have no idea how to play the original segments of the DVD. The DVD in question (normal DVD, made in US) was educational and when played in a DVD player, had different segments, let's call them X, Y, Z. Some only a few minutes long, some 45 minutes, whatever. And I think some of the segments, made use of small parts of other segments. That means first part of X maybe was used in Y as well. So certain instructions are perhaps repeated in different segments of the DVD. Which means, if I play all the VTS files, they may be 2 hours long, whereas in the original DVD, all the segments would add up to 3 hours, which hints at the repetitions.

How do I figure out what was included in these different segments originally, meaning, how do I play everything just as it was presented in the original DVD, just from the ripped DVD?

Currently I'm ripping another DVD (don't have access to the one in question presently) and I figured I could solve the problem by changing the mode in DVD Decrpter from "File" to "IFO". In this way, each VTS file is divided up into PGC segments, the length of which seems to correspond with segments on the original DVD. Seemingly this solves my problem. However, after I have decrypted this DVD, I realize that the file is very big and that there is a lot of redundancy. What may be only 6 GB in "File" mode is like 15 GB in "IFO" mode.

What should I do?
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Take a look here first, see if it answers your questions:

Thank you so much, appreciate it. :)
Use dvdfab instead,go through it's settings to familiarize yourself,if you intend to
burn to another dvd reset output size to 4485,you'll be able to get more on the disc without compression,set read speed to 6-8 the slower speed of reading can help avoid errors on finished rip mainly used if disc is quite scratched other than that it's pretty much just practice using it including type of output you want either iso or video_ts folder,which can be renamed to name of movie instead,if you have a lot of dvd's you may want to look at installing xbmc or use the portable version,see the xbmc wiki on how to set that up & you'll be the envy of all your friends & neighbors *winks*

AD Guides: guides/
Console Mod Tuts:

Cool, thanks. Hope DVDfab is free. Downloaded AnyDVD just today and it's a 20 day trial only. Darn it.
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