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I am looking for a program that will allow me to rip my dvds and hopefully also some .iso files. If it can not do the .iso it is fine i can just mount them on my computer. I want to rip these discs to avi. If there is a simple program that can do this easily and allow me to queue up multiple discs at the same time, that would be even better.

Thanks in advance.
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I don't know of a one click tool that will do that.

Rip protected DVD's to folders using DVDFab HD Decrypter.

Convert the ripped files to AVI using AutoGK.
AutoGK has a batch mode where you can queue up multiple Titles for conversion.
have some questions on DVDFab as well. A previous discussion on did not give an answer.

There's no dedicated Forum tab to DVDFab so here goes.

Normal operation with DVDFab goes ok. But when I wanted to select (rather than try to extract) one film of two on a disk and use only a director's commentary track I had all sorts of errors: wrong film (of the two played and added the comments) right film recorded but no alternative audio track.

My only conclusion can be that the title selections were for the whole DVD no matter what was selected because of the way it was made to the disk.

Who has had this problem and is there an answer?

Note: I have already been to videohelp which is my normal first stop and have looked through the DVDFab guide. But this has me stumped.
After ripping with DVD Fab open the files in DVD Shrink and use 'Re-author mode'.
Select the title on the right and drag it into the left pane;select audio stream and play it back in DVD Shrink to see if you got what you selected.
Originally posted by attar:
After ripping with DVD Fab open the files in DVD Shrink and use 'Re-author mode'.
Select the title on the right and drag it into the left pane;select audio stream and play it back in DVD Shrink to see if you got what you selected.
I'm currently redoing in DVDFab. The output file is AVI. So is this a simple drag into DVD Shrink? Also playing with the problem of enough disk space to build all the work files which seems to be huge.

thanks for replying.
DVD Shrink only handles standard DVD format video.

You can use the ripped DVD files in AutoGK to convert to avi.
Load the .ifo file associated with the Title you want and it will list the available audio.
There might be a problem if you don't know which track is the commentary.

You can preview audio tracks using PgcEdit by loading the ripped dvd files, selecting your Title, right clicking, Preview, and testing the audio from the drop down menu.

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Well I used a different version of the DVDFab prog. and everything went smoothly:
right movie of two and captured the director's commentary (Of two) audio track. For me it's a mystery because I did nothing different.

I will save this thread for reference but hope I can get on without the more complex operations and additional programs.

Thanks for your help. I have never used PgcEdit. It looks interesting.
DVD Shrink is too somply to converting a whole dvd, special a big one.
Nowadays, dvd ripper platinum local at asoftmall converting dvd with 5x fast speed, seems good.
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Try Turbo Video Converter - it will rip a DVD (or selected scenes) and convert to any format you pick - AVI or lots more. Batch processing is possible, too.
I use this program and it is very simple to use.

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Originally posted by maymore:
I recommend you use Any Video Converter Ultimate ( have a try.
It support rip DVD (ALSO ISO) to avi format or any other video formats for many portable devices.
AnyDVD has a user style I cannot comprehend. It goes down and hides in the tray and some how if you put in a disc it does what it does in the background. This means there's no indication of the amount of worksapce needed for it during setup of an operation.

These days since this thread started I still have seen nothing that works in the comprehensive way that DVDFab does.

A bit off topic but MKV seems to be the new wave and I'm trying to find tools to use that: Handbrake and it's spinoff called VidCoder and a program called MakeMKV are some of the tools I've seen. These are all free but require a lot of disk space for working area I just do not have. I've also had some overheating problems and am trying to resolve that by throttling DVD burner read speed with Nero Toolkit Drive Speed-- "Drive Speed" available as a separate free download.
I am not sure if I am posting this in the right place or not. I hope i'm not breaking any rules or anything. I am fairly new to this. But I need help figuring out how to do this. I have a dvd recorder and I would like to take some of my recordered dvds and upload them to some site to share, how do I go about doing that?
There are many good programs to code your dvd as a computer file. DVDFab has always been my choice.

As to uploading, that could be a file sharing format used by the host. Usenet is one and there are others. That means taking the coded AVI file and packaging it for the host. Afterdawn has many guides for the use of DVDFab and other programs. For Usenet info is a good place to start. And the Bittorrent filesharing system is widely known. Usenet is subscription-based.
I purchased AnyDVD some years back and have had it on my computer ever since. It works in the background, automatically removing protection from any CD or DVD that you put in your drive. To rip a DVD, I have been using FairUse Wizard for a number of years with no problems. It produces quality video and audio in sync.
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