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mpeg/VOB file wont display correctly on Samsung HDTV

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I need some help..I have been looking for answers for days and tried a ton of programs to no avail. I am trying to backup all of my DVDs to a portable 1T HDD so I can play on my 46" Samsung 120hz 1080p LCD. I am not worried about size of the file so I was hoping to just rip the movies(I have been ripping using DVD Fab Vob passthrough to get 1 file, and just play back on my tv. For some reason, when I play them back on the Samsung LCD, they are windowboxed. When they are played on my blu-ray player they fill the screen. I am hoping someone can tell me how to easily change the VOB file so it will fill the screen. I know that I can encode as a mp4 or other file but I dont want to take the time to do that with all of my movies. Is there an easy way to change the resolution of file? I have tried VOBedit but maybe I am doing something wrong as that didnt work either. Thanks in advance!
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DVDPatcher might help.
Select the source file.
Check the aspect ratio you want and select 'entire file'.

Note that there is no backup file created, so you might want to use a copy of a file to test.
The only changes are to flag settings in the stream.
Top left shows the actual settings found in the source so you can change them all back if you wish.

Thanks for the reply. I had tried this previously, but when you increase the resolution it distorts the video and the aspect ratio will change but it is still windowboxed. With all the research I have done it appears I am stuck re-encoding all my movies.
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