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Struggling to rip episodes from a DVD

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I'm trying to rip Spaced the complete collection using DVDFab into individual episodes which I convert to M4V in Handbrake. I had no problem with series 2 but series one doesn't seem to have the episodes as single files, it's just a single 2 hour file.

Is there any way I can split the 2 hour file into the individual 7 episodes either before converting through Handbrake or after?

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I think you should be able to use DVDShrink for that.

Ok thanks, I'e never used it before though. Do you have a link to a guide to splitting episodes?
Here is The manual for DVDFab if it helps you any.

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More guides on using shrink in guides section

AD Guides: guides/
Console Mod Tuts:

Thanks. Do I run DVD shrink before or after converting it in Handbrake?
DVD Shrink processes ripped DVD files/folders. You'd be splitting the large vob into smaller scenes (in your case the individual episodes) and then converting the output to mp4 with Handbrake. I'd assume that when you load the files into DVDShrink, your single vob will show as Main Title or something.

Rippers 2nd post shows you what you need to do if you bothered to click the link,you are using cut end frames of dvdshrink with the slider to separate each of the titles one by one,read the tut in my first post the bit we're referring to is on page 3 titled "Set Start/End Frames",it would be best to read through from start to finish

ok so your at the slider option to either cut the front or the rear of the titles,so to get title 1 you bring the rear slider up till you get to the end of title 1 & set the desired target folder where you want it,now you want to get a title in the middle of that 2hr movie,to do this you bring the front slider up as well as the rear slider & again process that etc,etc,quite simple whats you get the hang of it

AD Guides: guides/
Console Mod Tuts:

After opening the decrypted VIDEO_TS folder and clicking 'Re-author', you typically find the episodes on the right pane.
Note the running times which indicates that these files are the episodes.
Drag one of the titles to the left pane and click 'Backup' to save it to a new folder.

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