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subtitle problem with dvd flick

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hi there. i am new to this forum and hoping to get some help with dvd flick. first time i used dvd flick was a success by converting 1 avi file and 1srt file.
then i have tried to convert 2 avi files and 2 srt files into a dvd (these are episode 1 and 2 of a serial movie) using dvd flick. when i played it on dvd, all look great except that the subtitles was missing in the second episode. i have followed all the instructions given, by adding the source movie after the first title and then add the 2 srt files under subtitles. have i done anything wrong? can someone please help?
another question, with dvd-r, how many movies i can download in one dvd? size of each avi file i have is about 700 mb and 200 kb for each srt file.
many thanks in advance.
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Did you add the srt files to each individual avi file? You have to make sure the srt files are with the proper avi files, otherwise they may not work. Also, did you check again to see if the subtitle was clicked on when the second file began to play? If you played it on a computer, it may have turned off when it was switching files.

hi rtm27, many thanks for your quick response. i really appreciate it. with dvd flick, i added 2 avi files under "video sources" section and 2 srt files under "subtitles" as per instruction. dont think i cant add 1srt to 1avi file in dvd flick or perhaps i am missing something here. see link below for step 9 and step 11.
when i tried in the computer, i can see there are 2 selection for subtitles but seems that both playable in the first episode only as i could switch subtitles but when the 2nd episode played there was no subtitle at all.
i have also tried to burn the avi and srt files of 2nd episode individually and it worked perfectly. but i want to be able to burn 2 - 3 episodes into 1 dvd not 1 episode per dvd.
any other suggestions?
thanks heaps.
After choosing your video sources, you can double click each file in the window, and from there you can add audio and subtitle to each. That was how I was doing mine. I had noticed if I had a subtitle file and 2 video sources, I would double click each one to double check that they had the correct subtitle file added to each. I noticed that being able to double click each file wasn't mentioned in the guide. Something I was told about here by a few members.

hi rtm27, thanks so much for the help, now i am ok with subtitle but another problem came up, where 1 burnt 2 avi files with corresponding srt files, the the first movie only showing 1st chapter where there were supposed to be 6 to 7 chapters in total. in other words, first movie only playing for 3 minutes and then move to 2nd movie which played alright (has all complete chapters). when i played the movie directly from avi file in computer, it played for the full chapters. total duration of both movies were approx 2 hours and 22 minutes.
am i missing something?
could it be because dvd-r running time only allow 120 minutes?
btw, how many avi files (each size 700mb) + srt files (each size 60kb) can be burned into each Dvd-r 4.7gb?
thanks heaps for your help
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output an iso file instead of burning blind.. then test with vlc .. you can cram up to 6 hours on a dvd with worse and worse quality the longer it gets.. I class a dvd as a 3 hour max disk.

to make oversize fit use dvd shrink on the iso.

hello scum101, many thanks for the advise. please be patience with me as i am still new, if i burn into iso file and tested it on vlc ok, will that automatically burn the movie to dvd as well? if not, what is the next step?
if i use dvd shrink do i still need to use videoflick to burn to dvd? what is the purpose of dvd shrink? thanks heaps. lastly, where can i download dvd shrink? any particular versions?
DVD Shrink is hyper-linked, click on any in one of the messages and will take you to the download page,

You can create the ISO and save it to the hard drive, play it with VLC or some other player, and if all okay, you can then burn that ISO to DVD with ImgBurn.

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hello there, many thanks for the advise. i have tried to burn it on iso file and when i played on vlc it's still showing for 3 minutes only instead of 1 hour as it's supposed to be. do you reckon there is something wrong with the file? any other ways?
there was no problem when i played the avi file on computer. appreciate your help. thanks heaps
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