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What program to use to rip a DVD + audio track + subtitles ?

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I used DVDFab v8.2.1.3 to rip a DVD containing a movie + 2 audio tracks (French & English) + 2 subtitle tracks (French & English) . When I checked the output , I found only a video for the movie in English and one subtitle file in English .

Is there a good DVD ripper that outputs the movie and all audio & subtitle files in the DVD ? Please recommend . Thanks
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I have used FairUse Wizard for about 4 years. It has been really great and easy to use. It produces good quality videos with the audio in sync. That said, however, since the beginning of this month, I have not been able to use it without it crashing on me with the message "FU.exe has stopped working". This happens normally when it is about to combine the video and audio. I have the exact same problem on both my desktop and laptop. Up until this problem, I have had NO problems with it at all.
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