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OEM Drive not doing anything

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Hey guys, I've gotten plenty of help before in some of the other rooms, but this is my first post here, so I'm hoping I get the same friendly helpful advice as usual!

I had an ACER store bought desktop in which the mobo died on me causing the system not to boot up. I wanted to re-use as many parts from this system as I could as the system was not very old, and many parts were still good. I was able to recover my CPU, optical drives and hard drives. I sucessfully transfered these items into a new PC that I just built over the weekend. (I didn't want to go with another store bought as I didn't have any luck with this ACER POS)

Anyways, I transferred my ACER dvd optical drive into the new PC, and it was recognized and windows installed the (old) driver for it. The drive shows no problems in device manager, says that its working properly, and everything seems ok, however whenever I put a disk in, it doesn't read it, it doesn't do anything.... I can hear the disk spin up & the drive light flashes, but it doesn't show any activity... whenever I double click on the drive from My Computer, it ejects the drive and says "Please insert disk".

I'm just wondering if this has anything to do with it being an OEM drive?
The drive is a GSA-H60N ATA Device (sata drive).

I can't find a newer driver for it, and from what I've read, there was never an updated driver released. Anyone know whats going on here??

If you need PC specs, pls ask and I'll post. BTW, I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate.
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uninstall the drive in device manager & restart windows so it can find new hardware & load it's driver.
Thanks for the advice, tried it, and windows reinstalled it very quickly with the exact same results....

One thing I should mention, I don't know if its of any importance is that when my old pc died, I didn't realize that one of my kids left a scooby-doo DVD (retail/legit copy) in the drive, and when I pulled it out, and installed it in my new PC, I didn't know it was still in there... until Windows booted to the desktop, and when I clicked on my computer I then saw the Scooby-Doo icon where the drive was, so it WAS working right at start... but when I took the movie out, that was it, it never read any other media since... and to be honest, I'm not sure if I can hear the drive spin up or not... with all the fans and stuff... any other suggestions?
put a disk in but remember how it is oriented so when you pop the disk out you'll see if it has spun or not. try another sata data cable & maybe power cable.
Originally posted by ddp:
put a disk in but remember how it is oriented so when you pop the disk out you'll see if it has spun or not. try another sata data cable & maybe power cable.
good idea... I'll try this in the morning...

I don't know if it would be the sata or power cable as the drive fully shows up in device manager, and is accessable (drive ejects when I double click on it).. as far as power goes, I have a Corsair 750w psu... pleanty of power.
try booting off your windows disk to see if boots from that drive or not.
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