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4 removable disks that dont surve a purpose in my computer

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since about a month ago, 4 removable disks (G:, H:, I:, J:) have appeared in "my computer" under the "devices with removable storage" tab. when i click any of these drives it says "please insert disk into removable disk (X:)". i have no flash drives plugged in to usb, just a wireless network adapter and a keyboard. im wondering how i can remove these as they serve no purpose. when i check the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\MountedDevices" tab, there are 11 different registrys (\DosDevices\X:) starting from the letter C:, all the way to Q: .... im wondering if this has anything to do with my problem, because im pretty sure there shouldnt be that many drives listed.

if anyone can throw me some help i'd much appreciate it. thanks in advance.
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Those are for your memory card reader more than likely. G through J.

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moved to correct forum as not a windows issue. as JST1946 said, those are your card readers for camera's. be glad you only have 4 as i have a 15 in 1 internal card reader not installed yet that might show 15 more drives. is that a namebrand computer like dell or hp?
just set the drive letters to the end of alphabet then ignore them or grouping might separate or use system tray safe removal tho that will have to be done at each boot, me thinks short of disconnection ignore is best you'll get used to it

as for your dilemma ddp if installing it don't hook it up :P

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won't til i need it & not be connected when installing windows.
Only semi-relevant, but I use this technique to hide a flash drive (it's plugged into the back of the PC out of sight) that I use with Synctoy to backup documents on a schedule.
I hide the drive letter (and thus the drive) to prevent a family member getting irked.
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