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I have wireless setup with a bridge, it all works fine. Can I run a Ethernet cable from my router to a powerline adapter and use this as a connection for a device also and have it all stay on the same network? I have a device I would rather run hard wired than wireless, but can't get a wire to it. This is why I was thinking about the powerline adapter. Thank you.
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Don't see why not. I have AT&T U-verse service which uses a router for several different devices. My main desktop computer is not wireless and I do use an Asoka pluglink (powerline adapter) to connect this desktop to the router. Works fine for me. You will need at least two adapters; one to the router and one to the device. I have a third adapter to use for the occasional device that may show up at my place.
rulisky, thanks for the information. You even answered the question I forgot to ask which was if I can add a 3rd adapter and by your comment I can....thanks again.
Welcome. Enjoy.
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