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AsRock 770 Extreme 3 with Corsair H50

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need help

i installed, plugged it in and nothing happens.
my GPU fan turned a few times (for a split second)
and that's about it.
any suggestions or should i just return it
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return what, videocard, motherboard or psu?
The liquid cooler (Corsair H50)
Be more specific. The computer wont boot up? I dont know why you are worrying about the graphics card fan, when you put a water cooler on your processor...

everything works now :D
sorry for the inconvenience
what did you do to fix it so others can learn from you?
i took it back to the store, the worker tried the parts individually and they were working.
so he suggested it could be my MOBO or PSU
i came home and did the same thing, trying out the parts and they worked!
so i installed it and my computer turned on like normal (except more quieter now)
who knows what it was.....
but i'm glad i didn't have to spend money to fix it, or return the product and get charged a restocking fee.
Perhaps something wasnt seated proper and going back the 2nd time worked out better. Glad things worked for you then...

thank you :)
i'm glad it worked out too :)
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