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ASUS CM5570-AP002 Motherboard model?

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I have an ASUS pc and the motherboard is not reading my HDD. Is there any way to fix any of it? I can't find the motherboard model online anywhere.
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printed on the motherboard itself in white is the model number like p4s533-mx rev 2.00

If your Changed hard drives or added another hard drive you will need to
limit data transfer rate to 1.5 gbits per second by changing the jumper
pin settings on the hard drive.

Just google this "limit data transfer rate to 1.5 gbits" with your hard drive at the end

This is what I had to do to to get my hard drives working.

Hope this helps.
thanks everyone, i got a new motherboard and everything worked out. it seems that my model had a recall that i missed because a lot of people had this issue.

And thats all she wrote.
no problem.
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