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Asus EN210 512MB Video Card wont install

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I just bought this and I am having issues with installing it.

First, I popped it into the PIC-E slot and fired it up, everything was going well. It was installing what it need off the supplied disk then needed to reboot and when it rebooted, now all I get is the loading screen (Dell) then the Windows booting screen then after that I get a black screen. The monitor is still on, its not in standyby, but im getting nothing.

So I restart in Safe Mode and it works, and I try to install everything there and it says it works but once again on reboot in normal mode, black screen.

This has been driving me nuts for 4hrs now, and im starting to get really frustrated.

Any help would be great!

PS: It has VGA, DVI and HDMI outputs, eventually I will use HDMI on the monitor but I figured for now, VGA was the way to get until I get it running atleast
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while your in safe mode uninstall the old video drivers (you are upgrading, i figure) and let her rip.
also, check that your resolution is configured for the monitor and not at 2560x1600 or something like that.
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lubricant -> Mr Slicker -> ???
if can't uninstall in safemode then use old card to go into normal mode to uninstall old drivers.
And by uninstalling you mean, device manager, right click uninstall? thats what I am trying now

I just went out and bought a new power supply now as well, so I uninstalled the old drivers and im still having the same issue.

Any other suggestions? Should I uninstall the new drivers etc as well and start from scratch?? or a system restore from a previous day and try again?
do a system restore.
Originally posted by ddp:
do a system restore.
I did a system restore to yesterday when everything was good.
I shut the tower off placed the new card in the PCI-E slot
hooked the VGA up to it, turned it on, it brings up the login screen
I login and check the device manager, there is nothing showing for "Display"
so it says new hardware was found, so I put the Driver CD into the driver and it installs the driver from the disk and says it needs to be restarted, so I restart, after waiting 5-10 mins for it to shut down and restart it finally goes then after the boot screen I get nothing but a black screen again

also under other devies in device manager the SM Bus Controller has the yellow caution is that the problem?
Do you think this could be a fault in the card? or is it something on my end?
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go into the bios & change the video from onboard to pci/e not pci. need to load the motherboard chipset driver, presume it is intel chipset?
Originally posted by ddp:
go into the bios & change the video from onboard to pci/e not pci. need to load the motherboard chipset driver, presume it is intel chipset?

Yes it is an intel chipset. I went to the intel website and got the latest drivers, install them after changing the BIOS to PCI-E and instead of PCI to boot

Still nothing but black screen. I get the dell Inspiron screen then the windows loading screen then after that nothing but black.

Im starting to think maybe it is the video card? Maybe its faulty?

I am formatting my computer right now and am going to try everything from scratch.

Can you give me a full step by step run down on what to do, so I can follow it in detail when the formatting is done. I hate to be a pain but if its just something im doing wrong, I need to fix it, if I follow the steps and it still doesnt work then it has to be the card!

Let me know if u need any information on my PC as well

Dell Inspiron 530s
Intel P35/G33/G31 Chipset, 2.4ghz
500GB HD
500 Watt Power Supply (bought yesterday)
Integrated onboard Graphics Card
Trying to install: Asus EN210 (NVIDIA Geforce 210) 512MB Video Card
do you have a recovery disk for motherboard or using recovery partition on hard drive? what windows & version as in 32bit or 64bit as presuming 32bit? video driver, off disk or latest from nvidia site?
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