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Asus X53U screen replacement not working

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Hi All,

I have replaced a cracked screen on a friends Asus X53U laptop and the replacement screen is not working when connected to the Asus X53U. I then replaced the new screen with the old cracked screen and this one which used to light up but no picture does not work at all now. When I removed the pin connector from the back of the old screen it was tough to get off as the tape used by the manufacturer was very very sticky and I fear that I may have damaged the wires on the end of the cable when removing the cable from the old screen.

The operating system on the laptop is fine as I have connected it to my tv with a HD cable and all is fine.

I have also put the new replacement screen into my own Sony Vaio VPCEB3F4E laptop and the screen is working although it was a whole lot easier to remove the screen cable than the Asus one.

I would appreciate any help with this and if the answer is that the cable is damages or the connection at the main board is fried then what will I need to do to fix it.


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did you attach the little invertor board off old screen onto new screen? that board is usually on bottom of screen.
Hi, Thanks for the reply, no inverter board found, the only board on the old and new screen is the main board of the screen itself (the one that the long strip lead slots into), pictures attached.
Update, I have just received a replacement screen cable new and fitted it perfectly and the screen is still not working. I am now thinking that the main board may have been damaged by possibly static or something as I realised when leaving the house that the guys house had very thick carpet and he told me afterwards that he gets lots of static from the carpet, Can anyone tell me if replacing the main board would do the job.

main board as in motherboard?
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