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Brand new PC has fatal blue screen.

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Hi folks. My sister purchased a HP Pavilion P6000 series and as soon as she started using it, she encountered the fatal blue screen. She sent the computer back to HP and they said that they put in a new hard drive. As soon as she tried to go again, same thing...fatal blue screen. Because she purchased the thing on black friday and didn't even hook it up the first time until she was able to get high speed internet in her area (which was like Late Feb. or early March) HP was giving her a hard time about taking it back again. After many hours of frustration, she got the OK to send it back for a replacement. Unfortunetely, before she got it sent off, her 18 year old son kicked the box that it was in and put a dent in bottom panel of the tower. Everything inside seems intact but when you turn the computer on, none of the USB ports or the mouse and keyboard ports or the monitor have any power to them at all. NOTHING WORKS! You can see that the 2 fans turn on but I think that is all. Any ideas on what the problem could be?
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is there a warranty label that sticks onto 1 side panel & back of tower?
There was when she bought the thing but there isn't now.

Mary Lawson
reseat all cables to drives & motherboard. reseat all ram & cards on motherboard.
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