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Charger causes ringing problem when charging.

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Hello, my charger I replaced maybe earlier in the year and just the other day it's causing a annoying high pitch ringing sound, it's not the battery or anything else, it's the charger, when it's unplugged from my laptop it stops, when it's plugged into my laptop is when I hear it, even if the battery is out it stops. does anyone have an suggestions? Targus charger. I can provide more info if needed.
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There isn't a whole lot that you can do about the noise besides wrapping something around it to block out the noise.I assume it is still charging your battery.It is the electronic circuit inside that is making the sound you hear.Some people have more sensitive ears than others.You may just have to buy another one if it bothers you that much,

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don't get another targus & i think your power adapter for the laptop is getting ready to crap out.
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