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External hard drive beeping!!!!

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A friend of mine was having trouble getting his seagate go flex ext hdd to show up under my computer so I brought it home to take a look at it myself.I tried a lot of things but it still wouldn't show up and under disk management it gave me an I/O error.As it was quite important to get hold of the data inside the hdd I took out the hard disk out from its enclosure and hooked it up internally but it still wouldn't show up but when the hard disk powers up it spins and then makes a noise which sounds like its beeping it does that for some while before any and all activity stops.
By now I know that its a pretty serious issue with the hard disk but what I want to know is can it be fixed by me,and is the data safe?
It will be highly appreciated if someone can help me out.
I'd also like to point out that I have never ever opened a hard disk but I can give it a try as the options seem limited at this point.thanks.
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It sounds like the disk has died. Either it is an issue with the drives' interface board, the internal drive motor for the platters, or the read/write head itself. I would not recommend taking the drive apart, as you will contaminate the interior of the drive. Drives can be taken apart, but only under a very clean environment, i.e...cleanroom situation.
If the platters have not been damaged by the read/write head, the data should be safe.

I hope this helps.

CPU speeds were in the Mhz, and RAM was in Kb.
Only a competent data recovery service should open the drive.
The perceived value of the data is directly proportional to the estimated cost to recover it.
Thanks a lot for your replies was truly helpful.I will look up some good data recovery centers and see what they say.thanks again.
$300 plus for data recovery.
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