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Gateway vs. HP vs. Lenovo

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My family is in the market to purchase a new PC. We are looking at models similarly designed with the newly designed imac. The Gateway model retails for $799.99 and has touchscreen monitor and hdmi. I don't have the model number. I just wanted to find out if this is a good thing to have and at the same time will the screen last before the sensitivity goes bad. I like the HP because it's $50-100 less but does not have hdmi jacks but does have a 1tb drive and AMD powered. I have been using AMD since 2004 and have no issues since I'm not a gamer. For the Lenovo, I have lost faith in their products. I welcome comments and feedback since this is a new system since 2004.
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without the specs for each system it comes down to personal taste and preference.
don't get an all in 1 unit as in computer is part of screen.
If you like HP's just look around for a different model with an HDMI output.

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