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Gigabyte ep43-ud3l bios wont update for anything. PLEASE HELP! (Solved)

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I am trying desperately to update the bios on my gigabyte mobo. I am pretty computer savvy, and have been at this a long time, although some how this is my first time flashing a bios.

I have tried every thing. Gigabyte offers a utility to flash from windows called @bios. I have tied this multiple times under varying circumstances, and the end result is always either the computer freezing, or flashing a blue screen and then rebooting. Although it sounds bad, the computer is left un harmed when this happens.

I have also tried flashing via USB storage device, but every time I enter the qflash utility and connect the flash drive with the bios on it, it freezes before I can even select flash from drive. The only things I havent tried are flashing from a floppy ( I dont have one) and making a boot cd ( I cant find any solid instructions on how to do this)

I already restored the default bios setting, but this didnt help either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I really would like to get this done. Here is some info on my computer.

Gigabyte ep43-ud3l MOBO

Intel Q8200 CPU Overclocked to 2.9ghz ( Restored default when attempting to flash)


EVGA 9800GTX+ Superclocked edition graphics card
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I have resolved my problem, and am posting the following on all of the forums that I reaquested help on, as it would seem that I am the first to flash my pcs bios with a psp. Or, at least the fist to post on any forums about it.

Ever wonder if you can flash your pc's bios with a PSP?

Well, you can. At least, you can if you are running a gigabye ep43-ud3l mobo. I posted a thread on here previously about having touble flashing. After trying multilbe methods, I finall took a leap of faith. I grabbed my psp, formatted the mem stick to fat32, loaded the psp with the bios update ONLY, and updated in q-flash. Please note that I do have custom firmware installed on my psp, although I dont think that it makes a lick of difference, seeing as you can use the psp as a "removable disc" regardless. I would be curious to know if this can be done on other mobo makes and models as well. Happy flashing!!!!
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