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Gigabyte ep45 dual lan teaming problems :(

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Good evening Everyone

Im a proud owner of the gigabyte ep45 mobo. Its an awesome piece of plastic.

The problem im having however is getting the dual lan to work.

Both ethernet adapters are deteced. When both are connected to the router ( i have a dsl modem/wireless router from Bell ) both sockets light up and are sending and receiving packets independently. However, once i inititate Teaming mode, both combine into one network connection with an established IP address and whatnot. But no packets are being received. only being sent out. What gives!? I tried connecting my older linkysys router to the modem and connected everything through that, but no dice. :(

Anyone can help or share from experience?! I welcome all suggestions!
Thank yoU!!!

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Some routers and other devices do not support IP teaming, or do not support it well.

Besides, if you are using DSL, even a single GB LAN connection will be faster than your broadband connection.

BTW, the proper term is "link aggregation" and you need to see if your router supports it.

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In addition to those great reasons not to use it, it also sucks down system resources...because it does not have a hardware controler dedicated to doing this.

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