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laptop wont start, only lights turn on

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Hello all.
I have a HP Pavilion dv6-1350us entertainment notebook. The problem I am having is that the computer will not work. After I press the power button, all of the lights turn on, I hear the fan turn on and then thats it. I dont hear the hard drive click, no light or anything shows up on the screen.

So I am unsure as to what the exact problem may be. I assume since the lights and fan kick on, then the motherboard is probably ok? I guess that leaves either the memory sticks (if laptops have memory sticks) or the hard drive. Is there any way to tell which may be the issue.

If anyone has any input, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
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motherboard issue.
Is it possible to replace a motherboard without too much trouble. Or would it just be more cost effective to get a new laptop?
have to take the laptop all apart to replace the motherboard. it sounds like a domed or leaking capacitor on the motherboard is causing the problem but could be something else. can check with hp & ebay for prices on a motherboard but with hp you'll be looking at a hefty price if their battery prices are an indication.
Does anyone know how to recover some of the data? I would like to get some of the files I have off the laptop.
pull the hd out of the laptop either install in you desktop if have sata(presuming the drive is sata) or get an external drive enclosure for the laptop hd.
hello plss check first the memory,then if it is try the VGA if it is working it has a problem on the video system actually it is the common problem of HP
Ragenade09, do you mean using a vga monitor to see if anything shows up on that?
faulty memory would normally cause the beep error,well on a desktop anyway,that vga is a good idea if that don't work then as dpp said rp the hdd out,a faulty hdd won't cause no picture you should at least get hardware detect etc before cpu passes over to windows so it certainly seems like a stuffed mobo

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