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Need help with Video encoding hardware upgrade

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I am doing lots of encoding using Vidcoder (x86)

Mainly I am ripping my blu ray collection using the constant quality setting at 18.

The only problem I have is that it is taking anywhere from 9 to 5 hours to encode one blu ray. Does anyone have any suggestions for changes in any of the hardware on my current set-up? I have quite a bit to do and am hoping to get the enoding time down to 2 hours per disc at most. I am posting a screen shot of my system info.

Thank you

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are you using onboard video or a videocard? what ram amount is on the videocard? are you doing other stuff in the back or foreground as you are encoding?
I am using a Radeon HD 6670 video card. I'm not sure if it is doing the encoding or the onboard video. I have a Asus P7P55D motherboard. I also do not know what amount of ram is on the video card. Nothing else is going on in the background while it encodes.

Maybe my current video card is not up to par??
Maybe the cpu??


@ ddp it's a low end market card i have one,they're not too shabby for games,i can't recall if it was any good for encoding i don't think it was,not that'd it matter it'd be slow as hell i would think to pass encoding thru it instead of letting the cpu do it

review stolen from somewhere else:

Radeon HD 6670 -- All the graphics card have a 40nm based GPU, the transistor count for this model is 716M and comes with a very decent 480 SPs, as well as 24 texturing units, 32 Z/Stencil ROP units and 8 color ROP units for the 6670. The clock frequency will be 800 MHz. The card is configured with faster GDDR5 (4000 MHz effective) memory, AMD is now allowing 512 or 1GB of GDDR5 video buffer to be installed allowing it a 64 GB/s bandwidth. This card will have a 66W TDP.

Only person i know round here who would perhaps be able to give an idea is attar as he rips bluray & i assume encodes,however 5-9 hours would seem to me to be ok after all how big is the film compared to what size your reducing to using i assume x264 using 2 pass,reason i say that is my dual core 6550,Quadro 600 1gb graphics,4gb ram takes 2 hours to encode on average a 6gb file down to 2gb using AC3 passthru & aspect left original,doesn't matter if i use x264 or ffmpeg or avi xvid,mp4 or mkv encoders.

it seems i may have to rethink getting quad core & go 6 core instead for my next comp unless graphics on the chip quad cpu would be faster,i think it won't be or put another way the gains will save stuff all time,certainly wold be good for games encoding however me wonders grrrrrr
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The encoding times very depending on how I encode. If I choose to encode at a VBR of 10000 the blu ray's tend to encode at real time (2 hour movie takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes). But if I use the "constant quality" mode that is when it really slows down. It is only doing 1 pass but it chooses on its own bit rate for each frame I think. High action movies tend to take the longest. The movie that I'm doing now is 25.2 gb in size on the blu ray and the .mp4 file that I will end up with will be about 13 gb.
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scorpNZ, is your dual core maxed out like jerecho is tho his is i5 quad core & what about your 4gig ram compared to his in task manager?
my optiplex 755 minitower 2ghz running a quadro 600 1gb graphic card ram,4gb transcend ram,dual hdds of which the pagefile is not on the OS drive runs fluctuating at 89-96% using 1.76 ram = 45 %

Thats using stax rip as is without increasing the priority level from normal including virtual dub,tho i do increase thru task manager or in virtualdub to realtime

adjusting to realtime makes cpu fluctuate between 89-91-96-98-100%,ram appears to stay constant i don't know if the graphic card does any of the encoding i don't think it does, i don't use constant quality i use set file size of 2gb

speed wise its not an issue 2hrs is fine for me to do 2pass this comp is hardly high end & these are sd dvd not hd bluray,i figured if he had two extra cores doing a bluray the speed increase would be double what i have & figured if it bluray encode it would be about 4hrs to encode tho it would also depend on aspect size of the video setting & audio would determine the amount of time, keeping the original aspect & audio would take a while,although i was thinking along lines of manually setting size & using original audio
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Just finished another blu ray. This one originally was 25 gb. It got down to 12.5 gb. I am using the same resolution as the blu ray (1920x1080). The encoding took 5.25 hours.

The audio is AAC at 320kbps and mixed to 6 channel.

So going to a i7 CPU or upgrading RAM to 8gb instead of 4 gb wouldn't make that big of a difference?


Ram isn't the issue your only at 75% & pagefile usage isn't much,however from my stand point of only dual core & you need to remember i'm only encoding sd dvd's the way i see it the bottle neck is the cpu the thing you also need to remember the diff in speed will ultimately be decided n your hardware & whether it's purpose built for your specific purpose,i don't know if ddp has encoded bluray thats why i suggested getting hold of attar,he does bluray & he's the one when it comes to encoding matters is most proactive round here,it's not very often he gets stumped in other words you need better advice than i'm giving

edit: just sent attar a pm he hopefully will be along soon
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Ok. Thanks for the input. When I do regular DVDs my encoding time is about 55 minutes for a 1.5 hour disc.

Thanks again.

how big is your hard drive & what is the free amount? haven't encoded yet.
I rip the discs to .iso on a 1tb sata drive. Then encode from that drive to a 3tb external USB 3.0 seagate drive. The drive I encode to has about 60% free space

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