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Power light on pc not working

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Hi all. I have a HP Pavillion Slimline S5653 . There is a light that goes around the top edge of the front of the tower , and also lights up the power button on top of the base unit.

This has sudennly now stop working. The pc is still working fine. Its a little bit of a cosmetic niceity , as well as knowing if the pc is on standby or Ive not switched it on !

Any clues please ?

This is a link to my model

Thanks in advance.
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open it up & trace the wire(s) to those locations to see if disconnected. also possible the led(s) also burnt out tho haven't seen that yet.
It is probably a fault with the wiring. This diagram was on your PC's motherboard spec page, and I've circled where you should find the other end of the LED wire:

It'll look something like this:

Many thanks for taking the time to reply guys . Especially fir the photos Ripper.

I will open up the patient during the xmas holidays and let you know what I find !

Happy xmas to you all .
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