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Realtek driver install problems

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Just reinstalled XP home on my old 2.66 Celeron desktop & I have driver cd , but keep getting code 10 on Realtek H/def sound & tried all fixes & Hot fixes I found on the web [and there are many ] I followed the guide in Guides section & still code 10 . [img]I am going back to square 1 & reinstall XP & when should I install drivers before XP service pack update's or after & should I use Realtek driver on CD or updated WDM_234 .[/img] When I unstall both UAA & Realtek drivers & reboot the wizard finds new H/W & goes thru all the right steps & then code 10 & task bar has message a problem occurred & H/W might not work properly .
Cheers Ozi

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Don't use any of the drivers off of that the time you get a driver cd with a device, everything on it is at least 6 months old, usualy older. Go online & download the latest chipset, audio, video, network, and all other drivers, and use these for the install. I would do this before the service pack and updates, as this will make the updates go much faster. I would also use nLite to integrate the service pack and hotfixes into the install CD/DVD/Flash...this saves a lot of time and also makes for a much cleaner install.

Many thanks KillerBug , your advice much appreciated & nLite looks interesting .

Update , new XP install & still problems installing Realtek H/D ,so installed sound card .
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